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“We were very impressed with all aspects of our new website. We would highly recommend M&V to anyone looking to build a new website.”

– Erika Martínez, owner at Healthy Pressed



Creating Healthy Pressed presence seemed like a daunting task in the beginning, but our experts jumped in and crafted the cohesive storytelling sales experience our client was looking for. With a beautiful, modern website, Healthy Pressed can be confident that their digital presence shows off their delicious juices in a way they are proud of.

Food Industry Web Development


Increase in website visits.


Increase in sales.


Less cart abandonment.


Create the company’s first e-commerce store.


With the latest e-commerce technologies, we were able to provide a cost effective solution to our client.


Healthy Pressed is a Los Angeles based focused on pressed juices. Established in 2018, Healthy Pressed has shown incredible growth in the past years, innovating with different flavors and techniques to provides its customers the best natural experience.

Food Industry Web Development



Disorganized, confusing, and cluttered. Those were the words the Healthy Pressed team used to describe their current situation and order form when they came to us looking for help. The site needed to have loads of valuable information, to be simple to navigate, and include a lot of lifestyle imagery.

After hearing their main ideas, our UX and design teams jumped into the discovery phase where we interviewed customers and researched the heck out of the competition. We wanted to dig deeper into the essence of their company so that we could solve their pain points and make sure their site stood out from the competition.

Food Industry Web Development


More than just a strategy.

During the discovery phase, we were able to identify several gems that would bring their site to life. Through storytelling, we wanted to create a site that was rich with information about their history, talk about what makes their juices different from others, and highlight why pressed juices from Healthy Pressed tastes so much better than all the rest. Using wireframes, we laid out how that story would weave across the various pages and sections of the site to create cohesive and easy to navigate pages.

One of the tricky aspects of the site was how to present both a wholesale and retail sales experience on the same site. Consumers in these two groups have very different usage goals, need access to different products, and have different pricing available. We addressed these challenges by creating custom journeys for each group which allowed different products and pricing to be available to the appropriate visitor.

We worked on social media images as well to unify the website with their profiles.

/04   THE WORK


Our design team chose a clean and fresh design aesthetic to represent the purity and quality of Healthy Pressed juices. It was an easy decision to use green as an accent color of the site, and we sprinkled enticing, high-quality images of their juices and process to weave their story throughout the pages.

We then started the development in Shopify. This platform have us the liberty to code the newly designed pages in HTML and CSS and integrated everything.


Did it work?

Thoroughly testing the site was something that our quality assurance team took very seriously. They double checked every page and feature on the site to make sure everything performed like it should. They also carefully checked everything on a variety of browsers and mobile devices to ensure a uniform experience across devices.

When it was confirmed that everything was good to go, we launched the new site and let the juices orders roll in!

Thanks to the effort of everyone involved, we were able to take Healthy Pressed to a new level with a cohesive experience that tells their story beautifully. The site is now neatly designed, easy to navigate, and provides a delightful shopping experience.

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