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“The entire staff at M&V has been phenomenal. They are quick with their replies and incredibly helpful.”

– Amanda Hudson, Managing Director at Dallien



After carefully planning, designing, and developing the site, we were able to elevate Dallien’s website, allowing site visitors to easily verify Dallien’s real estate investment acumen and easily contact Dallien in order to invest, buy or sell.

Real Estate Web Development


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in new users’ registration

2.4 seconds

Page load speed


Create a modern looking website with an easy-to-navigate CMS for the company to use internally.


New CMS creation from scratch with a modern and clean front-end design.


With over 30 years of combined experience in real estate investing and over $8 billion in assets under management, Dallien Realty is a major player when it comes to real estate investment. Dallien’s clientele consists of high-level institutional investors who have a deep appreciation for quality and elegance, which is exactly what Dallien’s new website projects to visitors as they arrive on the new site.Real Estate Web Development
Real Estate Web Development


Attract the audience & stand this audience

The team at Dallien came to us with a clear understanding that their website was outdated and lacking the level of professionalism their clientele expects. One of their biggest issues was that their site was not responsive making the viewing experience on mobile or tablet unpleasant for visitors, so we knew from that outset that making a site that is attractive and easy to use regardless of viewing platform would be a priority for the site.

With some overall goals outlined, we wanted to gain an understanding of Dallien website userbase. By learning about who is using the site and what they are using it for, we were able to design a strategy that targets visitors directly. For Dallien’s visitors, most come to the site to get a feel for who Dallien is; their level of professionalism and corporate culture. Once they have vetted Dallien and want to learn more information about how they can invest, the next step for site visitors is to pick up the phone and call. This information wound up shaping a great deal of our strategy and design.

Real Estate Web Development


More than just a strategy.

With our goals in place and a firm understanding of Dallien’s clientele, we began wireframing the page designs. Knowing that visitors predominantly were exploring the Dallien website to vet Dallien as reputable fund managers, we decided to put some key statistics on the homepage through some well-placed design elements. By innundating visitors with Dallien’s success from the outset, we immediately began removing any doubt visitors might have. Additionally, to position Dallien as thought leaders and further dissuade any visitor suspicion, we placed full width images of what Dallien do toward the top of the page allowing visitors to not only see Dallien’s key achievements, but to understand their position and work.

Additionally, since the next step for most site visitors once they have vetted Dallien is to pick up the phone and call, we knew the importance of well-placed contact CTAs throughout the site. They can be seen on nearly every page so no matter what part of the decision-making process a visitor is in, they have easy access to contact Dallien.

Real Estate Web Development
Real Estate Web Development

/04   THE WORK


Once our wireframes were finalized, we moved into the design phase of the project. Dallien had recently gone through a full rebranding process, updating their logo, and homing in on core brand colors. Focusing on elegance, we stuck predominantly to shades of blue throughout the site while breaking up the darker tones with a healthy amount of whitespace to let the design breath. After the client approved the designs, we moved into development and built the site. Through the CMS, pages were easily managed and editable by the client through various WYSIWYG editors on the backend. Additionally, the client was able to create new properties on the fly and upload associated files like PDFs and JPEGs for visitors to be able to choose to either read the insight on the web or have a well-designed and printed PDF at their fingertips.Real Estate Web Development


Did it work?

The developed site went through a rigorous testing phase diligently trying to find potential weak points where the site might break. After fixing any bugs we handed the site over to the client for their review. Dallien had minimal critique and soon after we were ready to launch.

Dallien decided to host through on our servers which made the site migration process from our development environment to the live server seamless. After analyzing the website traffic, we agreed on a midnight launch, ensuring the least amount of downtime for visitors, presenting them with a fresh new website in the morning.

With Dallien’s new website up and running, we are very proud of the strategic approach we applied to position Dallien as leaders within their field. From our well thought out wireframes, to our beautiful designs, and our well-developed site and robust custom CMS, the Dallien site has been well received by the client and site visitors alike.

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