“Love working with the team at M&V and Diego and Sandy in particular. Our social media has become stronger with their help. Very happy with the service!”

–Francis Mori, owner at 26 Beach Restaurant.



Beautiful branding and creative image that could be displayed throughout the restaurant to catch the eyes of shoppers and bring authentic flavors.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants

4.5 rating

Stars in less than 6 months (from 3.5 rating).


Increase in engagement


Returning recurrent customers


Improve 26 Beach’s total digital presence by taking a holistic approach and handling everything for a client that was busy running its business.


Creative artworks and a strong guideline of how to act in critic situation with customers to be able to maintain a good online reputation.


26 Beach is a restaurant located in Venice Beach. They have been named by several magazines as the best brunch spot on the West Coast in different occasions. Like most restaurants and small businesses, 26 Beach didn’t have enough time, resources, or social media knowledge to manage on their own.

While Facebook and Instagram were set up, posts were inconsistent, sometimes going months without an update. Social updates were boring, lacking voice, style, and engagement.

When we grabbed the account, they were facing a critical rating issue (3.5 overall) meaning that they were having issues with customer services.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants


26 Beach came to M&V with the goal of creating comprehensive brand messaging and creative marketing material that resonates with shoppers on social and digital channels.

We included high-level, brand-focused design such as digital banner ads, website header, social media images, photoshoots and more.

By creating a library of comprehensive brand messaging, and creative marketing material, M&V produced two key benefits to 26 Beach. We reinforced 26 Beach’s existing branding and conveyed a full breadth of a new customer service that demonstrates the values that 26 Beach brings to the consumer.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants


M&V social media services are designed to connect with your target audience on an emotional level.

Finding the right voice is critical. 26 Beach required extremely specific user personas to help our design team identify which audiences will be most attuned to our messaging. The restaurant vibes gave us an idea, but we needed to be sure with it.

Once we had a clear idea of who the customers where, we started designing our graphic line for the restaurant and replying to reviews on Yelp so we can improve the engagement rate and rating on some reviews and flag negative reviews for several reasons.

To attract new customers, we implemented gift card giveaways and we will boost ads to new customers, this way we brought newly engaged customers into their first experience at the restaurant.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants


The value of social media comes in different forms. We were able to track our results with measurable actions we took. For example, the first two months, the client invested $240 in gift cards (6 cards of $40 each). These gift cards brought in trackable revenue of $750. The coolest part about it – for us and our client – was that these people were new to the restaurant, and they are now recurrent customers.

With consistent content, targeted Instagram Following/Engagement, and optimized social channels meant that more people in their target location heard about 26 Beach.

M&V is lightning quick to respond to comments, questions, and both positive/negative feedback. We help to keep customers happy and avoid any sort of horrific negative experience going public. Yelp, Facebook and Google’s rating went from 3.5 stars to 4-4.5 stars in less than 6 months due to comment resolutions.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants

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