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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is THE place to be

Social Media Marketing helps you improve the process of managing your online interactions with customers to have a better footprint on the market. It is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness (followers), generate more leads (traffic) and create a personal relationship with the restaurant (engagement).

In order to build a well branded Social Media Profile, we need to follow an exact graphic line to keep consistency between posts and optimized Call-To-Action buttons for lead generation. We’ll create curated content and photoshop artwork for posts and stories to give your business a more attractive appearance. We will also help you build a strong connection with your customers by responding on your behalf any review or inquire customers may have.

Some of the tools we use at M&V Digital Agency are: 

  • Facebook/Instagram Profile Optimization
  • Instagram Shop Integration
  • Review Management
  • Content & Video Creation
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • Who will be responsible of my account?

Each one of our clients have a designated account manager, this makes the experience of working with us more personal and not generic. We will introduce your account manager once the contract is signed from both parties.  We treat our clients as family and we look for them, is that why we dig into who’s going to be your best option inside the company.

  • How many artworks are created monthly?

This depends on the package you select with our sales representative, we go from 15-25 monthly artworks. Behind our posting is a strategy which we follow like when are the best hours to posts, type of content your audience crave, follow up on issues your customer had.

  • Why go with M&V’s social media team?

Social media its in our DNA. Our team of designers and content creators keep innovating on design, keep up with trends and marketing strategies that keep your audience thrilled of the upcoming post. The appeal of our content will generate traffic to your business, and who doesn’t like sales to increase?

  • Does this include payed advertisement?

The payment of ads runs by the client. Our packages add-on include the set up of ads with the perfect target audience.

  • How do I measure results?

We provide a monthly report add-on to our package that will let you know the increase of your audience, their demographics, best posts of the month. This is perfect when you want to know your ROI and get to know your audience, resulting in a better understanding of your business and discovering insights you didn’t know where there.