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“Working with M&V team was the best decision we took when we wanted to enter in the social media marketing game, this guys were really helpful and for sure they know what they do.”

– Mahyar Okhovat, founder of the Okhovat Neurological Center.



After the launch of the social media campaigns and website the most significant results we got was an increase on clicks on social ads by 9.26% to 59,406% and website online sessions increased 97% in just 3 months.

4.5 Rating

Stars in less than 6 months (from 3 rating)


Increase in engagement.


Returning current patients.


Create a new graphic line that represented Okhovat Neurological Center core values. Alongside, create a digital marketing strategy and website to increase awareness and boost engagement on their website.


Implement different strategies, such as Facebook Ads, SEO and e-mail marketing to engage with patients also a modern, responsive and easy to maintain website .


Dr. Mahyar Okhovat, MD and his team of professionals at Okhovat Neurological Centers aims to alleviate headache and nerve pain. Based off of Dr. Okhovat’s patient specific program, Dr. Okhovat and his team have a track record of not only alleviating patients of their pain, but also preventing future aches.


When Dr OkHovat came to us in Octuber 2019, he was  looking to create a website and  increase brand awareness  utilizing social media advertising with the expertise of an agency. We established an integrated full service strategy combining Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing and a fast web development methodology. As a result, Dr Okhovat saw a big increase in social engagement also with our tracking tools, we noticed more than 8,500 online session.

Our social media strategy pointed  to improve the performance of Paid Social ads further and develop a website optimized for SEO to increase traffic and brand awareness.

The challenges that we faced in the first 3 months were:

  • Maintaining a stable Cost per Lead across our Facebook advertising campaigns due to turbulent customer behavior and changing demand due to COVID-19.
  • Lockdown was preventing face-to-face contact with clients.
  • The lack of content for website and social media.


During the first months, our strategy focuses on awareness due to the poor previous social media and online presence. The M&V team created and special metholody to develop a website and social media strategies side by side to work as one.

After some time we decided to aim for sharing helpful and interesting information about neurological problems. This kind of post created interest that converted in website traffic, that way we increased online sessions and awareness.

The continued success of our Facebook advertising over the past 3 months is a result of new targeting and optimized ad copy and creative. We have endeavored to capture the essence of the brand and how the health services enhance the lives of their patients more dynamically.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided new challenges and made it essential to keep ad copy relevant and reflect the customers’ needs at this time. We created new tailored copy that targeted new behaviors such as spending more time at home and having spare income to invest in their health.



Dr Okhovat wanted to boost the website traffic and online sessions taking advantage of social media succes. The site’s design was a key point on users impression due to the helpful and relevant information about the services. Having had a poor and non eye catching website in the past years, Dr Okhovat wanted our expertise to build a future-proof site with a classic style that could easily be updated .

To maximize SEO performance, we carried out extensive keyword research to create optimized copy across the site.

Social Media Marketing

We focused on reaching new and potential patients, the right content creation was a crucial part for mantain the interest of the followers and motivate them to interact with the social media posted content.

Between November and December we have driven the following results:

  • 1,000+ emails received
  • An Average Conversion Rate of 52.3%
  • Average Click Rate of 15.9% on website
  • 300+ forms filled out


After working with Dr Okhovat we can mention the following results:

  • Increased 1.5 rating stars, from 3 stars to 4.5 stars.
  • Driven more than 1,000 leads and increase lead generation by 29%.
  • Created and implemented optimized landing pages.
  • Driven more than 8,000 users to the website.
  • Increased Click Through Rate on Paid Social campaigns to 5.11%.
  • Implemented more efficient Paid Social campaigns that resulted in stable Cost per Lead and increased engagement from a Top of the Funnel perspective.
  • Driven relevant, location-specific traffic with bespoke landing pages.

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