Thanks To the work of MVAGENCY, the website has registered, in only six months, an increase of 300% in sales, coming from online sales.

CHALLENGE:Improve marketing sales in an online store

SOLUTION: Create different versions of the page to increase the conversion rate



increase in website sales


more registrations


less cart abandonment

Our process

First, We Identified That The Brand Had Problems Within Its Operation, It Had Not Correctly Placed The Titles Within The HTML Tags, The Page Was Not Well Configured In Google Analytics, It Had Many SEO Errors.

  • We determine the market niche
  • Analyzed the competition
  • We did a keyword research
  • Set objectives
  • Improved copywriting
  • Optimized images
  • We modified the URLs
  • Improve the web page

What Works Better?

 We create different pages to see the conversion and measure results.


  • Created a page with a simple design, well-structured titles, and correctly indexed was the best-converting page. 67% more  registrations and 37% less abandonment.
  • Placed product benefits in the images and optimized them, which converted 60% more and reduced abandonment by 40%.
  • Created a version with many links to products also increased conversion, although only by 10%.


Overall, thanks to these changes, they managed to reduce their customers’ cost of acquisition in the online store by 41%.


If you look at how the simplest thing worked when setting up the website, then the second simplest thing worked, where the benefits were broken down using bullet points.


Why the simplest usually work for an online store?

A long time ago a book came out about Internet marketing and sales that summed up the main gist in its title:


“Don’t make me think.”

by Steve Krug


In this case study, we have to keep very much in mind that we are at the beginning of the relationship with a stranger, whom we want to convert into a customer of our online store over time.

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