"Health starts within"

“Truly appreciate the support and professional advice from the M&V team during the past year. It was our first time working with an agency and we have loved every step of the way.”

– Peter Kanaat, owner at GoBiotix



After all the efforts made, the most significant results we saw was an increase on clicks on social ads by 9.26% to 59,406 in just 3 months. This increased by 5,430% the number of new website users.
Digital Marketing for Supplements


Increase in lead generation within 6 months.


New leads generated by Facebook Advertising.


Overall Click Through Rate achieved from Facebook Advertising.


Create a new graphic line that represented GoBiotix’s core brand values. Alongside, create a digital marketing strategy to increase awareness and boost sales on their website.


Implement different strategies, such as Facebook Ads, SEO and e-mail marketing to engage with customers.


GoBiotix enables their customers to be the best versions of themselves through innovative wellness products, specifically with probiotics focused on gut health. Through rigorous ingredient selection, formulation and production, their products help customers to achieve their perfect balance from within. Their current lineup consists of 15+ products which range from gut health products like Prebiotic Fiber Boost to beauty products like Glow.

Digital Marketing for Supplements


When GoBiotix came to us in December 2019, they were looking to increase brand awareness and start utilizing social media advertising with the expertise of an agency. We established an integrated marketing strategy combining Facebook Advertising with Email Marketing. As a result, GoBiotix saw 1,200 new clients and $25K in revenue within the first 2 months.

Moving forward from this initial stage, we worked to improve the performance of Paid Social ads further and optimize their website we developed as well for SEO to increase traffic and brand awareness.

The challenges that we faced in the first 6 months of 2020 were:

  • Maintaining a stable Cost per Lead across our Facebook advertising campaigns due to turbulent customer behavior and changing demand due to COVID-19.
  • Lockdown was preventing face-to-face contact with customers.
  • At the beginning of the year, we identified a lack of video content when remaining relevant to new and existing customers was more important than ever.


During the first 6 months, our strategy relied on interest targeting due to GoBiotix being new to the supplement market. We split customers into different categories accordingly to what problem GoBiotix’s products solved.

After dividing our audience, we were able to tailor our ad copy accordingly, along with the accompanying landing page that we created and managed. The success of this interest-based campaign resulted in a low cost per lead of $0.21, which was one of our main KPIs for this period.

The continued success of our Facebook advertising over the past 6 months is a result of new targeting and optimized ad copy and creative. We have endeavored to capture the essence of the brand and how the products enhance the lives of their customers more dynamically.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided new challenges and made it essential to keep ad copy relevant and reflect the customers’ needs at this time. We created new tailored copy that targeted new behaviors such as spending more time at home and having spare income to invest in their health.

Digital Marketing for Supplements



GoBiotix wanted to build on their success running paid social media ads with improvements to their website’s functionality and user experience. The site’s functionality was no longer serving the business’s needs, and they wanted to create a more professional design. Having had two website rebuilds in the past two years, GoBiotix wanted our expertise to build a future-proof site with a classic style that could easily be updated.

To maximize SEO performance, we carried out extensive keyword research to create optimized copy across the site. By creating new pages capitalizing on keywords related to “gut health products”, we were able to expand GoBiotix’s appeal to a broad audience.

Email Marketing

We focused our email marketing efforts on nurturing leads, introducing a three-stage welcome flow sent to new leads offering a detailed introduction to the brand, the products available and driving recipients to a clear shop CTA.

Between January and June 2021, we have driven the following results:

  • 87K emails received
  • An Average Open Rate of 52.3%
  • Average Click Rate of 15.9%
  • 668 forms filled out


In the past year working with GoBiotix we have:

  • Increased clicks on social ads by 9.26% to 59,406.
  • Driven 663 leads and increase lead generation by 49%.
  • Created and implemented optimized landing pages for increased CRO and better UX
  • Driven a 5,737.5% increase in new website users.
  • Increased Click Through Rate on Paid Social campaigns to 5.11%.
  • Implemented more efficient Paid Social campaigns that resulted in stable Cost per Lead and increased engagement from a Top of the Funnel perspective.
  • Driven relevant, location-specific traffic with bespoke landing pages.
  • Expanded Paid Social audiences to target increasingly engaged users, including a re targeting campaign that drove 26 leads at a CPA lower than the industry average.

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