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26 Beach

The Client

26 Beach is a glamour-chick restaurant located in the Venice, California. In 2018, it was recognize as the Best Brunch Place on the West side by The Argonaut Magazine.

The Issue

Like most restaurants and small businesses, 26 Beach didn’t have enough time, resources, or social media knowledge to manage  on their own.

While Facebook and Instagram were set up, posts were inconsistent, sometimes going months without an update. Social updates were boring, lacking voice, style, and engagement.

M&V’s Social Media Strategy for 26 Beach

  • Optimize Facebook & Instagram for both performance and aesthetics


  • Develop Consistent Facebook content that showcases their authentic food, engages the audience, drives sales, and builds a brand
  • Retain customers through Instagram giveaways and special discounts.

  • Offer Facebook and Instagram fans with exclusive deal.

We then set up Monthly Social Giveaways (3 giftcards of $40) to Prove ROI.

Month 1 Giveaways: $120 on 3 giftcards turned to be an income of $350 on 3 vouchers

Month 2 Social Coupon: $120 on 3 giftcards turned to be an income of $400 on 3 vouchers

End Result – ROI

The value of social media comes in different forms:

Trackable ROI/Coupons:  Through the first two months, the client paid $240 in giftcards. This giftcards brought in trackable revenue of $750.  The coolest part about it – for us and our client –  was that many of these people were new to the restaurant and they are now recurrent customers.

Increased Exposure/Branding: Consistent content, targeted Instagram Following/Engagement, and optimized social channels meant that more people in their target location heard about 26 Beach.

Back in 2018, with Snapchat we created a Geofilter that will helped expose the restaurant and got it running for a year. The results were amazing!

Swipes: number of times your filter was viewed when users swiped over their Snaps. 1,302,506

Uses: number of times your Geofilter was used in a snap or a story. 976,203

Views: number of times your filter was viewed in a snap or a story.  3,958,278


Customer Service & Reputation Management: M&V is lightning quick to respond to comments, questions, and both positive/negative feed back. We help to keep customers happy and avoid any sort of horrific negative experience going public. Yelp ,Facebook and Google’s rating went from 3.5 stars to 4-4.5 stars in less than 6 months due to comment resolutions.


Peace of Mind for the Client: The client knows their social media is being handled by experts.  They can focus on managing the restaurant, perfecting their product, and developing better relationships with customers in-person.